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Lucky Star

Chinese, Oriental

11 Raleigh Street, Plymouth, PL1 1ET

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3.3 stars out of 6 3.3 / 6
Food quality 2.8
Delivery time 3.8
Service 3.2

Based on the 5 most recent reviews

375 reviews of Lucky Star

  • 04/05/2019
    3.5 stars out of 6
  • 08/04/2019
    1.5 stars out of 6
    Food was bad tonight rice was clumpy and stuck together not fluffy curry was cold no had onions in it even tho I ask for them to be removed ordered chips they send French fries I can do them at home rang to talk to manager to complain he speak no English and girl on phone just say we change I home now bit late to go back no we are sorry nothing never will I but here again hen they first opened they did lovely food now it is cold tasteless no love in the food and French fries I would go McDonald's if I wanted fries never going back no sorry ethier
  • 12/01/2019
    2.5 stars out of 6
  • 27/12/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    Poor food, everything battered is greasy, chips are hard crispy shells covered in grease, sweet and sour sauce taste like pink water same with bbq sauce, crispy chilli beef is actually soggy jelly beef and they also forgot our egg fried rice and dumplings also had to wait an extra 35 mins at restaurant to collect
  • 06/11/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 03/11/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
  • 29/10/2018
    4.5 stars out of 6
  • 19/06/2018
    4 stars out of 6
    Awesome pork buns & dumplings! So yummy and so full
  • 17/06/2018
    3 stars out of 6
  • 28/05/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
  • 06/04/2018
    2.5 stars out of 6
  • 02/04/2018
    3.5 stars out of 6
    Today wasn’t great, food was delivered an hour late (although it’s bank holiday Monday the delivery time was only changed to 10 minutes later so maybe should have been made longer.) Chips and spring rolls arrived burnt as if they were refried a few times. Chicken chow mein turned out good. We ordered a rice noodle dish which didn’t have any description to it so wasn’t expecting it to have prawns and what we assume was pork in it, the noodles were nice but picked out the bits we didn’t recognise. Sorry 😐
  • 29/03/2018
    2.5 stars out of 6
    This was the worst Chinese I have ever had! It was that bad I fed the chicken fried rice to my dog and even he turned his nose up at it!! When I say chicken fried rice that would imply it had chicken in. It was supposed to but it never! Absolutely tasteless and disgusting! No problem with the service or delivery time just awful food!
  • 17/02/2018
    1.5 stars out of 6
    prawn crackers tasted like old oil main dishes just weren’t up to standard and tasted awful only good thing was spring rolls
  • 14/02/2018
    1.5 stars out of 6
  • 14/02/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    Verging on cold, didn’t get free dumplings as stated, sauce was gloopy, very bland. Meat was underdone but somehow batter was burnt. Will not be ordering again, only decent thing was the prawn crackers.
  • 05/02/2018
    3 stars out of 6
  • 26/01/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Great food, way better than most “Chinese” restaurants in Plymouth
  • 15/01/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
  • 12/12/2017
    3 stars out of 6
    An item from our order was missing, chilli beef was greasy and tasteless, the curry sauce was also tasteless and the rice was tough and undercooked. not very good at all!
  • 10/12/2017
    2.5 stars out of 6
    The chilli crispy beef I ordered was absolutely burnt to a crisp, like black batter. Gross.
  • 23/11/2017
    4.5 stars out of 6
    food was swimming in grease, shame because service was so good
  • 19/11/2017
    2.5 stars out of 6
    If you have to pay for delivery it would help if the takeaway would actually deliver instead of making you leave your house and walk around Plymouth. Food not great; not terrible. 2.5/5
  • 17/10/2017
    3 stars out of 6
  • 04/10/2017
    2.5 stars out of 6
    Missing stuff off the order but did return with bag of prawn crackers and offered free drink Promised free food when orders are over £30
  • 23/09/2017
    6 stars out of 6
    Will order again
  • 18/09/2017
    3.5 stars out of 6
    we have always ordered with u and always had good food but tonight my son ordered us food and I don't know if u have new chef but food was poor it was Luke warm all my noodles were burnt with black bits I had black bits in the food very unjoyable the chilli beef was really bad u need old chef back I don't know if we will be back as it was so poor tonight I
  • 27/08/2017
    2.5 stars out of 6
    Disgusting. 1hr 50m for a delivery. Quoted 40 minutes & confirmed 1hr. You need somebody who is experienced in the front of house & actually speaks clear English. Very poor customer service. Wrong drink. Wouldn't deliver to my door, made me walk down the block to get it. Never again. Shame, because the food is nice.
  • 24/07/2017
    1.5 stars out of 6
    some of my order was missing but she brought what was missing shortly after,curry sauce did not taste like curry sauce.it was just not very nice. i certainly will not be ordering from here again
  • 19/07/2017
    5 stars out of 6
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