TechPosted on 07.12.2017

Wave goodbye to hunger: Just Eat trials world’s first takeaway order via magic wand

Say hello to our latest dose of mealtime magic with the Just Eat Ordering Wand – allowing you to reorder your last takeaway in one simple swoosh. The latest Just Eat marketing campaign celebrates the magic of ordering takeaway food online, and ordering by magic wand is a world’s first attempt at making the process even more magical. Hey, the tip of the wand even illuminates once you’ve ordered: magic really is real!

Not yet available to customers and currently in testing, the Just Eat Ordering Wand is all about making the ordering process as simple as possible so every Just Eat customer can pull a pizza from thin air in the comfort of their chair. To order, all you’ll need to do is press a button and wave the wand once (shouting ‘abra-kebabra’ or ‘alaka-ham’, is optional) then sit back and wait for your food to arrive.

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to use technology to offer more choice, ease or simply to make the takeaway experience more enjoyable” comments Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director at Just Eat.  

“One-wave-wand-ordering is very exciting technology. It takes that feelgood moment of being able to order your favourite meal at the touch of a button to the next level. It’s still very much at trial stage, but it has the potential to make mealtimes magical.”

How do I order with Just Eat’s Ordering Wand?

How the Wand works:

A step by step guide to ‘one wave wand ordering’:


1.   Download the Just Eat Ordering Wand app*

2.   Login into the app using your Just Eat login details (if you’re not currently a Just Eat customer, you can join at You will need to place at least one Just Eat order by card payment before you can make an order using the Wand.

3.   Once you have logged into the Just Eat Ordering Wand app, your last order will be shown on screen for you to review. The app will then tell you when the Just Eat Ordering Wand is ready to be activated.

Customers will be able to reorder their favourite dishes by downloading a new version of the Just Eat app and following these simple steps:

Placing your order:

1.   Press the button on the Just Eat Ordering Wand and simply wave it.

2.   It will emit a magical tinkle sound which includes an encrypted Chirp™ sonic barcode. This sonic barcode sends a command to the Just Eat Ordering Wand app on your mobile device placing your order using Just Eat’s API.

3.   Hey-Pesto! The LED light at the tip of the wand will flash confirming that your order has been placed successfully. You can review your order details on the app if needed to check the price, delivery address, card payment details and estimated delivery time.

4.   Now sit back, relax and wait for your first takeaway delivery via the magic of the Just Eat Ordering Wand.

As if by magic, the Just Eat Ordering Wand can be used to place an order without even needing to pick up your phone, providing the Just Eat Ordering Wand app is open and running.

If you happen to wave the wand more than once, don’t worry. It’s been programmed to place a maximum of one order per hour to reduce the chances of multiple orders being made accidentally. Be sure to keep checking the Just Eat blog for more food tech and innovation news.



*As the Just Eat Ordering Wand is currently a prototype, the app is currently only available for demo purposes on Android devices.