TechPosted on 20.12.2016

Just Eat on Xbox One

Order Just Eat direct from your Xbox

Embrace the gaming cliche. With Just Eat for Xbox you can now combine your love of all things tasty with your love for mowing down hordes of zombies. And, in just a few taps you can stop mid-match munchies in their tracks – leaving you free to take on another round of your favourite death match.

Reload on the run. Get in, get ordered and get back to the action before another twitchy-fingered shooter takes you out for the twentieth time that day. It’s pepperoni you need, not more power-ups – and Just Eat’s got your back.

Order instantly

Re-order a previous meal in seconds and spend less time fumbling, more time finishing first. Every second counts. Don’t lose your focus.

Find your flavour

The Just Eat Xbox app is a great place to discover a new favourite flavour. Quickly browse hundreds of restaurants right from your sofa, ideal for those last minute get togethers.

Get order updates


Watch the action on screen, not the street outside. Follow your order’s progress with delivery updates that let you know when to expect that knock at the door.



What is Instant Order?
You need to be able to get out and get back to the action as quickly as possible. Instant Order allows you to re-order the same meal you’ve previously ordered with one click. Your previous payment method and delivery address will be used.

How can I turn off Instant Order?
Instant order is enabled by default. You can turn off this feature in the the settings menu. Press the ‘back’ button on your controller to get to settings.

How do I get to settings?
Just hit the menu button (small button to the left of X).

How do I add a card to my account?
You can only add a credit card to your account when you place an order. You’ll need to order via the web or apps and add a new credit card then. Once it’s in your account, you can use it through the Xbox app.

Why can I only pay with cash?
The restaurant you’re trying to order from won’t delivery to the address you have selected. Try changing your delivery address.

How do I deliver to a different address?
You’ll need to add a new delivery address via the Just Eat website. Pop over to your address book.

What are the basic controls?
If you’re an Xbox gamer, everything should feel very familiar. From the main page, you can hit the top trigger buttons to pivot between sections.

Why do I have to pair?
We’ll pull in your addresses, payment and order history to make it super-simple to order. Typing your username and password with the xbox controller kinda sucks, so we’ll let you log in quickly with a passcode.

How do I pre-order?
You can’t. Not yet, anyway. Sorry about that.

Why is a restaurant only offering collection?
Might be worth double-checking the restaurant page. You can see ‘collection only’ at the top of the page if they’re definitely only offering collection.

Can I use voucher codes?
Not at the moment. Sorry about that. You also can’t use account credit. Credit cards or cold, hard cash only.

Can I get my xbox order delivered by robot?
Yes you can. Head here.

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