TechPosted on 06.07.2016

Delivery bots – coming to a street near you

We’ve all been there – you’ve ordered takeaway, the doorbell rings, and you suddenly realise you’re five-episodes into a Netflix binge, still sat in your pjs and totally unprepared for human contact.

What do you do? Grab your pizza and avoid all eye contact? Hide behind the door frame hoping the delivery driver won’t notice that you’ve just rolled out of bed? Well no more – we’re eliminating those awkward encounters and introducing delivery bots. No, really.

As a result of a ground-breaking trial, we’ve partnered with Starship Technologies to trial self-driving delivery robots on the streets of London, and they could be delivering to you in a matter of months!

Starship Technologies, established in 2014 by the co-founders of Skype, have developed the robots to deliver food, packages and goods to consumers within a short radius of their point of origin. Customers will be sent a secure code to simply pop into the robot when it arrives, releasing their delicious food at the touch of a button.

Fernando Fanton, Chief Product & Technology Officer at JUST EAT said: “This is another example of how we are pushing technology boundaries to provide our customers and restaurant partners with more choice and flexibility. We’ve always been committed to offering our customers new ways to order and pay for their food and now we’re right at the heart of a new way of delivering food which is as exciting for us as it will be for those who find a robot on their doorstep.”

David Buttress, CEO of JUST EAT said: “As soon as we met the Starship team, we found their passion for their product infectious. With scalable innovation at the core of their business, they are the perfect partner for us at Just Eat as we continuously look for sustainable ways to use technology to make our customers’ and restaurant partners lives easier. We can’t wait to bring the delivery robots to local high streets very soon.”

The robots are designed to drive totally unaided while being monitored by human operators in control centres who can take over at any time. These nifty little bots have already driven close to 5,000 miles and met over 400,000 people without a single accident, using cameras, sensors and other technology to navigate their way through urban streets. Impressive, right?
And that’s not all. Not only could you see bots whizzing around your street really soon, we’re also getting ready to launch group ordering on Apple TV, plus our first smart TV app with Amazon Fire.

So, keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll keep you up to date with all our exciting goings-on as they happen.

To find out what else is happening in London keep your eye on our Just Eat London page

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