TechPosted on 21.05.2019

Amazon Fire TV

Change the way you order takeaway

With Just Eat for Amazon Fire TV, enjoying that great showbiz double-act – a movie and a takeaway – has never been easier. Just dim the lights, grab your spot on the sofa and get delicious food delivered at the touch of a button.

Reload on the run. Get in, get ordered and get back to the action before another twitchy-fingered shooter takes you out for the twentieth time that day. It’s pepperoni you need, not more power-ups – and Just Eat’s got your back.

Order instantly

Get in, get ordered and get back to the action. Re-order a previous meal in seconds and spend less time lost in menus and more time lost in the drama.

Find new favourites

Just Eat for Amazon Fire TV is a great place to find something new to try. Explore local restaurants from the comfort of your sofa and find your new favourite.

Get order updates


Watch the action on screen, not the street outside. Follow your order’s progress with delivery updates that let you know when to expect that knock at the door.



How do I get to settings?
There’s a settings link at the top of the screen. Move your focus up there, and click.

How do I add a card to my account?
You can only add a credit card to your account when you place an order. You’ll need to order via the web or apps and add a new credit card then. Once it’s in your account, you can use it through the Fire TV app.

Why can I only pay with cash?
The restaurant you're ordering from probably doesn't accept card payment. If you want to pay with card, try changing to a different restaurant.

How do I deliver to a different address?
You’ll need to add a new delivery address via the Just Eat website. Pop over to the address book.

Why do I have to pair?
When you log in on Fire TV, you’ll be asked to visit a website on a mobile or tablet and put in the pairing code shown on your TV. Typing your username and password with the Fire TV remote can take a while. We’ll pull in your addresses, payment and order history to make it super-simple to order.

How do I pre-order?
You can’t. Not yet, anyway. Sorry about that.

Why is a restaurant only offering collection?

Might be worth double-checking the restaurant page. If you can see ‘collection only’ at the top of the page they’re definitely only offering collection.

Can I use voucher codes?
Not at the moment. Sorry about that. You also can’t use account credit. Credit cards or cold, hard cash only.

Can I get my Fire TV order delivered by robot?
Yes you can. Head here.

Why can't I order and pay by card with my new account?

To pay by card, you need to have placed at least one order through the website or mobile app first. You can’t currently add a new card via the Fire TV app.

Restaurant says open at 3pm but it's already past 3pm. What can I do?
Try coming out of the restaurant and going back in again. It should update. If it doesn’t please contact

The order status has not changed what should I do?
Best thing to do is check your email and orders status on the website. If it’s not updating, please contact our support team for more information.

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